This blog is an interpretation of the Tao te Ching "Tao Virtue Book" which is attributed to Laozi "Lao Tze" a Chinese philosopher who lived circa 600 b.c.

Please remember always that this is the description of the Tao and not the experience of the living Tao. Hopefully, this blog will not serve as analysis or commentary but as a window into the Tao. You are encouraged to disagree with this interpretation, involve yourself in self-study, and ultimately leave all concepts behind and so experience the living Tao.

Traditional Taoist Art

There is a lot of variety to the art of daoism.  This page is a collection of some of the "classical" images in daoist art.

Temple on a Mountain Ledge, KunCan c. 1661

The Great Poet by Wang Zhong Yu

Nine Dragons, Chen Rong 13th Century

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