This blog is an interpretation of the Tao te Ching "Tao Virtue Book" which is attributed to Laozi "Lao Tze" a Chinese philosopher who lived circa 600 b.c.

Please remember always that this is the description of the Tao and not the experience of the living Tao. Hopefully, this blog will not serve as analysis or commentary but as a window into the Tao. You are encouraged to disagree with this interpretation, involve yourself in self-study, and ultimately leave all concepts behind and so experience the living Tao.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Understanding the Tao te Ching Chapter 6: 成象


The Spirit of the perennial spring is said to be immortal, she is called the Mysterious One. The Mysterious One is typical of the source of heaven and earth. It is continually and endlessly issuing and without effort.

Tao te ching Chapter 6


While the Tao is considered to be boundless and formless, Taoist describe the world of form as drawing energy from the yin and yang.  The yin is considered to be receptive and nurturing, female, the yang, expressive and energetic, male.  This chapter can be seen as a description of yin.

Susuki translate the same passage this way.

"The valley spirit not expires,
Mysterious woman ’tis called by the sires. The mysterious woman's door, to boot, Is called of heaven and earth the root. Forever and aye it seems to endure And its use is without effort sure."

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